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  • lol.....I once remember Bitdefender flagging all Windows dll files as malware. way back in 2010 I think. This company will never learn from their mistakes.
  • I was thinking of coming back to bitdefender since 2018. Guess I'll stick to what I'm using right now!!! All these years and these guys have the same shady support!!!
  • Typical Bitdefender. Takes ages to fix a real issue!!!!
  • Just now, Matei M. said: @jitzy: it looks like you are unique! I have Windows 10, x64 and no search advisor works Hmmm, guess I'm lucky. I also didn't encounter any issues whatsoever upgrading to 1803... Are you all using 64 bit version of Firefox and Chrome ? 
  • No problems here Windows 10 Pro - 1803 - 64bit Bitdefender Total Security 2018 - - 64bit Mozilla Firefox - 59.0.3 - 64bit Bing - Google - Google Chrome - 66.0.3359.139 - 64bit Bing - Google - Microsoft Edge - 42.17134.1.0 Bing - Google - Internet Explorer - 11.1.17134.0 Bing - Google -
  • 47 minutes ago, cvornicu said: I have also this problem and I sent an email to [email protected] but no answer until now. Post your ticket id here so /index.php?/profile/212852-sergiu-c/&do=hovercard" data-mentionid="212852" href="<___base_url___>/index.php?/profile/212852-sergiu-c/" rel="">@Sergiu C. can look into it
  • 3 hours ago, MarcoAk said: So, in the end, I can't stop any of these service. You can stop a couple of them though not recommended as it might disrupt the product's effectiveness in securing your device. For instance, you can stop ASMI Protected Service by opening Bitdefender GUI ---> Settings ---> Turn off "Antimalware…
  • Hopefully you'll get it sorted. In the meantime if support didn't get back to you anytime soon, you can post the ticket id here so that the admins who monitor this forum will look into it for further investigation.
  • Hello, Welcome to Bitdefender Forum Please make sure you 're running the latest build - Related forum thread : /index.php?/topic/77271-last-update-never/&do=embed&comment=275667&embedComment=275667&embedDo=findComment" style="height:247px;max-width:502px;">
  • Hello, Unfortunately there's no offline kits for Bitdefender 2018. Info - /index.php?/topic/76621-how-to-install-bitdefender-2018/&do=embed" style="height:205px;max-width:502px;">
  • Hello, Welcome to Bitdefender Forum ProductAgentService - Required to keep your product linked to your Central Account Dekstop Update Service - Primary update service to keep your product uptodate RedLine Service - Secondary update service if DUS fails. Device Management Service - According to Bitdefender support, its…
  • After the last update to I'm having the same problem. BIS keeps asking me to reboot. I already did four or five times. Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Windows 10 PRO 1607 x64 14393.693
  • Hello, All credentials are synced to your central account. You can restore the wallet account after a reinstall or fresh install as long as you use the same central account. Just make sure to check in the "last sync" time to not lose any credentials you just added.
  • I am half way through the trial. Moving from Norton. One of the reasons I moved from Norton is because I do not want the security product to monkey around with anything other than security. I do not want any performance tweaking, disk de-fragmenting or changing my performance settings (display luminosity..) based on…
  • There is a forum member who manages to find and post up a changelog occasionally. Hopefully he/she might do so again. And maybe post up where they are finding it. Its from the French forum --> /index.php?showtopic=60109" rel="">https://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=60109
  • Not sure if its the latest BD update --> or anything else but the DISM and SFC commands ran successfully and fixed the errors for me.. I extracted "install.esd" to a seperate folder in the system drive and used it as source file.. But the DISM command failed again to retreive source file via windows update
  • There is a new update. What is in the update? No idea Maybe they fixed some of the problems people have been posting about. The admin has no idea either from the lack of changelogs
  • bro specially on windows 10 BD always shows gaming profile enabled even when i dont have any games installed Does this happen even after restarting your PC ? Profiles are triggered when there are such applications running in background....Check your task manager if you have any such apps running silently and there is no…
  • thanks. it is set to not configured. I can choose disable, but it says it still will run by default. Choose "Enabled"
  • windows 10 pro x64 I have bitdefender TS 2016 installed and running. why does windows task manager show that the process "antimalware service executable" is periodically running (and using lots of CPU)? Isn't this a Windows Defender process? I thought that WD is inactive when a third-party AV is active. Yes its Windows…
  • SOMEHOW I AM ABLE TO INSTALL BD 2016 VERSION BUT AFTER INSTALLATION THE ICON IS GREYED OUT AND IF I HOVER MOUSE INTO IT IT SHOWS PLS SIGN IN TO ACTIVATE BITDEFENDER . Try the above method exactly as I mentioned...See if the issue persists If it does then instead of downloading and installing from within central, download…
  • i ran alll in one BD uninstaller but it did not help. Installer installed version 2015 Uninstall BD2015 from Control Panel-->Programs&Features-->Bitdefender 2015-->right click-->Uninstall-->Restart-->Programs&Features-->Uninstall Bitdefender Agent Then use the 2016 Bitdefender Uninstall tool to remove any remnants Now…
  • Now this is totally unacceptable.....How long do we have to wait for the changelogs ? Why it gives me a feeling that Bitdefender 2016 was a rushed product released without proper testing to compete market values only
  • but I don't have any option to run a repair from the start menu. Well that's weird..... Then go to Control Panel ---> Programs & Features ---> Bitdefender 2016 ---> right click Uninstall ---> Repair
  • It is now a full week since I opened a ticket with Bitdefender Support, and still no reply at all from anyone. The icon remains greyed out, and I still see the message telling me that it is not yet activated. This is a very unprofessional company, and if anyone is considering purchasing Total Security 2016 my advice is to…
  • RE the Early boot scan option where would I find that in BDIS 2015? can't locate it, this may mean that I never had it unchecked? . Its in the same spot as in 2016 BD GUI ---> Protection ---> Antivitus ---> "Custom" under On-access scanning ---> Miscellaneous ---> Early Boot Scan By default its checked The response from my…
  • NICE JOB BITDEFENDER ! I have a 703 day subscription and after upgrading to new version my product is locked !!!! Now ? What i have to do ?!?!?! TNX A LOT ! p.s. Bitdefender Central is not working right now ... nice paid service, very nice. Check here
  • Hi I need some help or info. Why the Profile settings is stuck on Work Auto Pilot is ON can,t change Profile so I disable Auto Pilot to off then change to Standard and turn on Auto Pilot but Bitdefender TS 2016 it change to Work Profile for itself. Why is that happen? Does this happen even after restarting Windows ? You…
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