Trouble implementing autopilot recommendations



I have Bitdefender Total Security.

This issues has been going on for a while, I get the message to install that security intelligence update, but it gets stuck at the point shown in the image. It used to not even get there, but I have run windows update troubleshooter and now it seems to have gone a little further.

When I run windows update it shows as up to date.

Do I have some unrecognised malware?

When I run a rescue environment scan, there are 143 password protected files, which all seem to be very old emails from Outlook, but other than that it says I am safe.

When looking checking the registry, however, under profiles there are dozens, but I only have one single profile, could this be related?

I have run the oneclick optimiser which cleaned a lot of registry entries the first time and now says the registry is ok!

THanks in advance for any tips