My email was breached- did I handle it right?


I'd appreciate any feedback from someone more experienced through myself, thanks to a pretty scary breach I'm on a personal cyber security journey and the rabbit whole keeps getting deeper. Below are the details. Thanks in advance

What happened- Personal email was compromised, likely source being the email provider who had a mass breach earlier this year

Known Damage-

1)Social media tied to email compromised

2)Rideshare app compromised, attempts were made to order various services using cards on file

3)Independent gaming clients (epic games, battle net, etc) compromised

Steps Taken

  1. Got Bitdefender and installed on all devices Ran scans and updated systems
  2. Removed old email on all accounts possible and set old email for account deletion
  3. Reworked all passwords with a password manager
  4. Canceled all cards that were on app and reordered
  5. Recovered apps and social media that I could, changed email on accounts, filed reports on accounts that were completely swapped over by hacker
  6. Setting up 2FA with physical keys
  7. deleted all card/banking information stored in any application
  8. Set up credit/identity monitoring
  9. Set up personal information/data deletion from information brokers

Does this look right?