I can't open the password manager vault, recovery key doesn't work either

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    Hello @adriaan

    If this doesn't help, you will need to contact support (below).


    Note: If you do not remember the current master password, click the I’ve forgotten my password option on the same screen. Enter the 24-digit Recovery Key provided during the initial Bitdefender Password Manager setup, then type a new master password. If you forget or misplace both the Master Password and the Recovery Key, as a last resort, contact a Bitdefender representative to help reset your account. Resetting your account will erase all your data and passwords saved in Bitdefender Password Manager.

    Support can be reached here. Click on How To's and Troubleshooting prompts until you get to the black contact support box. You will have 3 options of Chat, Email and Phone (is not toll free) support. Chat can be the quickest way to get things started.


    Kind regards.

    All Bitdefender Home Product User Guides: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/user-guides/