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New Activate Code but Bitdefender Shows only 9 days to go


Hi All,

I have just added a new activation code with 9 days to go, but BD on-screen still shows 9 days to go. If I go to activate again it simply says already activated. I have re-booted, no difference.

Does the 9 days only disappear once the present license expires?




  • ArthurP

    Product is Bitdefender Total Security.

  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited July 8


    Try going to the top right of the Total UI, My Account, then Switch Account. Enter in your Central account email address and password used for your account, and see if it resyncs with Total.

    Let us know if that resolved it for you.

    Kind regards.

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  • Alexandru_BD

    Hi @ArthurP

    I got one question here: is your new Total Security identical with the one you've had before, does it protect the same number of devices? I'm asking this because if your previous license could protect up to 5 devices and the new one can protect up to 10, for example, the two licenses cannot be merged when entering the new activation code in Central, because the two products, the expiring one and the new one are not identical.
    In this scenario, the activation will be made in parallel, meaning that the two licenses will overlap until the old one expires. Meanwhile, Bitdefender will still display the previous validity, despite the new activation, because the devices are still protected by the previous license. This can be changed of course, as you can move the devices from one license to another using Central.



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