Split tunneling & c:\program files\windowsapps folder. Windows 11 Pro


Good morning everyone. I'd like to know if Bit Defender VPN can handle split tunneling at the process level instead of just URLs and .exe or .com files.

In this case I'm referring to Skype installed from the Microsoft Store, which has the executable residing in the %program files%\windowsapps folder, which is known not to be accessible to users and should stay that way.

To be precise: I always and only use the latest releases for everything (OS and apps)

Can Bit Defender VPN do this? And if it isn't, is it expected to do so with new releases that you will release?


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @Cyberjobe,

    For now it doesn't work at the process level. However, the VPN developers are looking for a solution that may arrive in a later version.

    They also intend for the app to be present in the Microsoft Store, so they must plan this implementation accordingly. 🙂


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