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[resolved]Can I Upgrade/downgrade My License Key?



I have 1 year license key for Bitdefender AV v10. Can I upgrade to Bitdefender AV 2011 for free?

If not then, I have a Bitdefender IS key, can I have a Bitdefender AV 2011 for free too?



  • Hello,

    Please provide me via PM with the two license keys you are referring to, for AV v10 and IS 2010. I will check them for you and provide you with an answer shortly.


  • Dear Danny,

    Key sent, please check

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the prompt reply. The first key (3E78****) can be used to register and activate BitDefender Antivirus 2009,2010 or 2011. The second key (F5E5****) can be used to register and activate BitDefender Internet Security 2009,2010 or 2011.

    If you need further instructions on how to install BitDefender please let me know.

    Kind regards,