hi I need help regarding about the autorun problem in bitdefender, I've red the post and the solutions that were given but nothing worked Im using Windows 7 64 bit please help me thank you


  • Hello,

    What exactly you need assistance with ? Can you please elaborate on the issue you encounter ?

  • I think the problem is with the 'Media Autorun' under Vulnerability Scan. 'Fixing' the Media Autorun disabled it. there was a pinned topic offering a solution for win vista, but i'm running win7 64bit as well and that doesn't work.

    The pinned topic was call "How to enable autorun"

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    The information in this topic should help.

    Afterwards, remember to deselect Media Autorun in BD under Vulnerability-->Settings so that BD will no longer check for autorun.


  • thanks nikki605, but already tried that method, that was the method the bitdefender technical support offered as well, but no good, it doesn't work for me.

    Bitdefender changed something when it was fixing the media autorun in vulnerability, i need them to tell me what it has changed so to revert the process.

  • Sounds like you may need to try fixing it from the Windows, not BD side. Microsoft has a "Fix It" for enabling and disabling autorun that you may want to try. It is described in this Microsoft KB article. You'll have to scroll almost half way down the page to the section titled - "How to disable or enable all Autorun features in Windows 7 and other operating systems."

    Just below the automated "Fix It" buttons, you will find the manual instructions, if you want to try it that way.


  • Thanks nikki605, but i tried that already and that doesn't work either........

    But i have got it working now, and here is how;

    Open regedit (start>run, type in regedit) and check each of the following keys (if present):




    In either case if you find a NoDriveTypeAutoRun or NoDriveAutoRun value, rename it.(i usually just put an A or number in front of it)

    Reboot when done.

    If you're not familiar with editing the registry, create a new System Restore point before doing this.

    Note: Could some one pinned this Topic, This is the definite way of reverting back what Bitdefender did.

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