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Why the registration key is displayed on the registration page in the software? If I let someone use my computer then he can see the registration code and register BD on his computer. The key should be hidden from everyone.

I just bought BD Pro 5PC 3Yrs. That person will be happy for 3 years.


  • Hello,

    That is why we have added a feature to set a password to access BitDefender Security Center. Look at the below screenshot:


  • So anyone can register bitdefender by looking the key at my computer and register the same key anywhere. Bitdefender should hide the key.

  • Hello,

    Please read my post again.

    If you have a PC that is accessed by others except you, then you can set a product password that will be needed if you wish to make any changes into the software. Regarding the key being displayed, for the time being, what I recommend you is not to allow people you don't trust using your PC. Furthermore please keep in mind that this is how the product was designed. With all the respect but it is not our concern if you allow others using your PC.

    What I can do to help in regards of this matter is to remind you that you can always ask my colleagues from the Sales department to change your license key and generate a new one (it will have the same number of days until expiration) if you suspect that your key was taken by any of the people using your PC.

  • i just wondered why bitdefender didn't do the same as kaspersky has done. they encrypted the license key so noone could see it. Everytime you want to reuse the key, you have to login to you account to view it.

  • The right way is that the key should not be displayed. I bought 5PC license for my family and my Dad is not a pro in this field and he let anyone use and fix the computer.

    This helps in piracy of softwares, I dont care about this, but you are the one who is loosing money. Would you leave your car key on top of the car and leave?

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    Interesting point of view Saud Iqbal. Yes, I would let my car keys on the top of the car and leave if the car is in my garage ;) I hope you understand what I mean. All I can suggest you is to post here the exact modification you are requesting and/or how you would like the Registration tab to be. As soon as I will have all the info, I will pass the request to the respectful department.

    Chickenlittle: You mentioned the key encryption made by Kaspersky. Can you give me more details about it ? Maybe a screenshot ?

  • Chickenlittle: You mentioned the key encryption made by Kaspersky. Can you give me more details about it ? Maybe a screenshot ?

    After you installed Kaspersky's products, you need a license key xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx to register your product. It's will contact with the server to validate the license and if the license is valid. It will show you the remaining of the key. and the product ID show on the top. When you click on license management, you will see the ID instead of your product key (xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx)

    PS: Sorry, i dont have a screenshot for it now.

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    Displaying Email address is ok but not the key. The registration page should look like this, the key is hidden now. Hopes this reduce the piracy of Bitdefender. Also forward this post to BD engineers.


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