Megavideo Sends Info To My Computer

Sorry ahead of time not to sure where to post this and I hoped I could get some feed back here and what you guys all think.

I am running BD 2011 internet security with win xp.

I was starting to notice that after I watched videos on megavideo they would begin to buffer and then after I closed out firefox and reopened it I would have lag issues with ANYTHING I viewed. I went into my BD firewall and checked the traffic and sure enough its streaming in info at just about my top download speed. For the life of me I could not find out where this traffic was coming from so I started up wireshark to see WTF was going on. Sure enough ALL my traffic was coming from a megavideo IP @ This ONLY happens when I go to watch a video on megavideo and its not normal streaming download. It pings the crap out of my top download speed and its saying its just http traffic so I am a little confused.

If I block the IP the traffic stops right away and will remain stopped even after I remove it from the block list. Yet when I start up another megavideo show it plays fine for about 10-15 minutes with normal video streaming download traffic displayed on my firewall then out of no where the SAME IP I am watching from slams my computer with information as the video starts buffering.

Im at a loss here and everywhere I search I cant find anyone else with this issue.


  • Your issue sounds similar to a few other topics, like this one, for example. As a workaround, I would recommend that you try the solution posted by DanyDan of BD tech support in post # 13 of this topic since it specifically pertains to Firefox.

    Please report back with your results.


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