Bdis 2011 Install Issue - Won't Boot After Install

I've read widely on this one but can't seem to find the answer.

Windows XP (on 32 bit system). I've been using BD for years but for some reason, since discovering that the version I had wasn't working properly & I couldn't repair I've attempted to re-install unsuccessfully. The outcome is that the laptop won't boot in any other format than safe mode afterwards.

Most recently, I've run the BD uninstall tool, then cleaned registry with remaining dll's etc using CCleaner, then reboot. Only then can I log into the comp normally. Then as soon as I download the BDIS 2011 file (from the BD site) and install, it successfully installs the program but immediately after the comp won't reboot (have to go back to safe mode again) and so the circly goes.

I've uninstalled everything I can to try to get this to work, the only potential issue is Norton PC Anywhere (which won't install) - Microsoft's tool is no longer available for this (which was the only recommendation from the Symantec site).

I can't see how a completely unrelated program should interfere with BD anyhow.

Please help - I have wasted days trying to sort this stupid ###### thing out & I've had a gut full of it. Should I just ditch it and use another AV program?


  • sorry I meant that Norton PC Anywhere won't uninstall - I can't get it to remove from add/remove in control panel

  • I've finally managed to get rid of PC Anywhere now, but exactly the same outcome as before;

    1. run BD uninstall tool

    2. CCleaner registry

    3. restart

    4. download & run PD IS 2011

    5. restart

    6. laptop screams (fan operates extremely fast as when under significant load); nothing on screen & even after leaving for 12 hours has not booted.

    7. battery pull - start in safe mode (only way it will turn on)

    Obvious questions:

    1. yes I am logged in as administrator

    2. yes it boot_s fine after BDIS 2011 is removed - runs perfectly - just hasn't got any AV running

    3. windows xp SP3, 2 G ram, 2.13 processor (Toshiba Tecra) otherwise in perfect order - a few years old but has been an absolute dream tablet (until now).

    4. stacks of spare space on C (238G)

  • Sorry - I meant BD IS 2011 in 4) above (for some reason I don't appear to be allowed to edit my posts)

  • We have quite a few comp's running BD - I now have another comp (desktop with XP SP 3 & BDIS 2011) but on this one, the mouse freezes unexpectedly on a daily basis. Only by using keyboard controls can I get it back to restored condition. Again, have clean installed (etc) multiple times on this comp - but no success. I'm starting to get a little lonely on this thread

  • Hello Darron,

    Please follow the steps below and send me the generated log file for analysis:

    a) Please go to this page and download the autoruns file.

    B) Extract the contents of the downloaded file and run the 'autoruns.exe' file;

    c) Wait for the list to be filled with all the processes and then make sure that you have the Everything tab selected in the upper part;

    d) Click on the Disk icon right under File and chose any location folder on your computer;

    e) Save the file with a specific name (your name, computer name, a random name, which one you want) and then upload it HERE or HERE.

    We will analyze the information you sent and then reply with a possible solution.

    Kind regards,

  • edited June 2011


    The analysis is now complete. You have another security solution installed on that PC as follows:

    D:\Program Files\Soluto\soluto.exe Soluto Anti-Frustration Software Soluto d:\program files\soluto\soluto.exe

    Please uninstall it from Windows Control Panel -> Programs then restart the PC. Use the BitDefender uninstall tool from the link below to clean your PC then reinstall BitDefender Internet Security 2011.

    Let me know if the issue persist.

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