[duplicate]"defender Of The Week" Pop-ups

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For 2 days now, BitDefender 2011 displayed pop-ups for a "Defender of the Week" invitation.

I thought a company who also develops an antispam feature would be more aware and behave better about unsollicited messages.

Is there a way to disable this specific pop-up and all future pop-ups? It came back today even after I answered I was not interested the previous time.

Can you make these pop-ups be opt-in only during setup? This is an awful way to communicate with your user base.

EDIT: Sorry, dupe with http://forum.bitdefender.com/index.php?showtopic=27128.

I mistyped "defender of the week" instead of "web" when searching for an existing topic, but even searching for "defender of the web" or rather "defender the web", since "of" is not allowed (!?!) does not return any result, so I'd have missed the similar topic in the "Others" subforum anyway.