Cdplayer Not Working

I installed your product (BitDefender Internet Security 2011) but first uninstalled norton 360 to try yours but now my wifes laptop and mine are both missing the cd players. I uninstalled both laptops cd players drivers and allowed win 7 64 bit to reinstall the drivers but both and they are different laptops still have no cd players active.

Also the internet is a lot slower now than it was when Norton 360 was installed on these two laptops.

Needless to say I am disappointed because thats the last thing I wanted to deal with was computer problems after installing BitDefender Internet Security 2011.


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    How exactly have you removed Norton 360 ? Follow the steps explained in THIS article then send me a PM with the generated log file along with a detailed description of the issue you encounter and the link to this topic.

    Looking forward to your answer!

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