2011 Total Security Won't Install!

Hi, I just bought total security and in the very last stage of installation, I keep getting a message that says,

Runtime Error!

This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

I've been wrestling with it for days now and a chat system didn't help. I'd appreciate any help given at this point.


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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    First of all, you did not provide us with even the most basic information about your PC and it's configuration as described in the forum posting rules so it will be very difficult to assist you.

    Which Windows OS? Which Service Packs if applicable?

    32-bit or 64-bit?

    Did you buy BDTS on CD or buy & download it from a website? Which website? Directly from BD or a reseller?

    If BD was downloaded, what is the name of the installation file and what size is it?

    Do you have any other security program installed?

    Did you have another security program installed but have uninstalled it? If so, what method did you use to uninstall it?

    How much memory in your PC?

    What type & speed processor?

    In our experience, problems installing BD usually come from one or more of the same problems:

    Having another security program installed on the PC that conflicts with BD

    Not fully/correctly uninstalling a previous security program

    Not correctly upgrading from a previous version of BD to the current version

    PC hardware and/or Windows OS that does not meet the minimum system requirements of BD

    Trying to install BD on a Windows Vista or 7 OS without sufficient administrator privileges


    Is the error message information you posted the total & exact wording of the entire message? It would help if you could post a screen shot of the exact error message.


    - When the error message is on your screen press the "PrintScreen" key on your keyboard ("PrintScreen" is located at the top of the keyboard, at right; At this step we can not see anything, as the picture is copied into Windows's clipboard);

    - Open a graphic editing application (We recommend using the standard Paint program, that comes with every Windows installation from Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint);

    - Paste the picture in a new Paint document (using Edit > Paste);

    - Save the file in JPEG format

    - attach it to this topic.

    Make sure you mask the license key if that screenshot includes the Registration details.

    Once we have this and any other relevant information about your system, we will better be able to advise you.


  • Oh, my apology. Here's the basic info about my comuter:

    Windows Vista Home premium (Service pack 2)

    Manufacturer: Acer


    I have 3.00 GB RAM

    Bought directly from BD website

    I uninstlled the prior antivirus software I had which was Alyac.

    In my C drive, I have 59.5 GB free of 141 GB

    In my E drive,I have 115 GB free of 141 GB

    This is the error I got word by word

    Runtime Error!



    This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

    Please contact the application's support team for more information

    Hope this helps

  • That was helpful information.

    First, make sure that Alyac has been properly & completely uninstalled as described in this KB article.

    Make sure that the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender are turned off.

    Download the full-file version of BDTS 2011 32-bit from HERE and choose "Save" to save it to the folder location of your choice on your PC. The error message you provided indicates that you may have previously selected "Run" since it referenced a temp sub-folder, or the smaller installer file was used.

    Once the BDTS installation file is downloaded and saved to your PC, right-click of the file and select "Run as Administrator" and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Post back with your results.


  • Hi, so I made a folder and saved the file you sent me there first.

    Then, I right-clicked it, ran as an administrator.

    In the very last stage of the installation, I'm getting:

    The installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file:

    C:/Program Files/BitDefender/BitDefender2011/installer/postinstall/patch_0070_configipm.bdx

    And the installation failed.

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