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Auto Scan Disable


I use Bitdefender İnternet Security 2012 .I sometimes look at Events/Antivirüs and I see "Auto Scan Disable" and "auto scan enable" in the events. Sometimes there are a lot of warning at this shape.


  • Hi mehmet özdemir,

    In order to further investigate this situation send me a screenshot with the Events window you see. Note that in your inbox you have an email with Ticket ID: 201108011026491, there you have the instructions you need to follow to take a screenshot. Also mention what changes you made in your Bitdefender.

    Thank you !

  • Mihaela - I am seeing the same thing so here is my screenshot:


    There is no message or alert that this has happened, but I open the BDAV main window and both Auto Scan & Auto Update have been switched to OFF. Antiphishing is still set to ON. The Update Event log shows no errors, only successful updates. I can switch both back on, but vsserv doesn't show back up in Task Manager, so I end up rebooting.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi all,

    Because we need to investigate this situation deeper, I asked mehmet özdemir to generate a support tool and to reply me with it. As soon as I will have an answer from our testing team I will post it here. Thank you nikki605 for your help.

    Have a good day!

  • Rampant

    Here's how it looks, a report has not turned out, the utility after reboot, did not continue its work

  • Unknown
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    Rampart: I've been watching the video and noticed that you are trying to enable Auto pilot during the update. Also, do you have Paranoid mode ON ? If yes, please note that you can't have both enabled in the same time: Paranoid mode and Auto pilot as the one is the opposite of the other.

    P.S. Nice YouTube channel :)