Settings Password Does Not Work


I set up a settings password in BDAV Plus 2012.

However, I am able to modify settings without BDAV asking me for the password.

I thought it might be because it's the same session and it "knows" it's me changing the settings.

But the same thing happened today after a reboot, I modified some Privacy Control|Antiphishing settings.

It's only when I tried to disable the password that it asked me for the settings password.

I would expect any setting from any of the Settings pages and all the settings in the Home page to be password-protected after defining a settings password.

Maybe I misunderstand what this password does, but the Help doesn't say what it does exactly.


  • Probably could be moved to the feature requests section.

    Thanks for being so active today on all topics, Dany, much appreciated.

    But looking at the time stamps, it must have been well into your night time, take a break! ^-^

  • Hello,

    The product password is designed to protect only the vital modules of BitDefender: Antivirus, Firewall, Update or Parental Control.

    The only modules where I noticed that the product password is not asked are: Antispam, Tune-Up Utilities and Privacy Control.

    I am not yet certain if it's a FAD (function as designed) or not. I will ask for a feedback and let you know. If it's the case, I will escalate it to the Dev. Team along with a ticket that I will create on your behalf.

    Thank you for your report !