Cannot Uninstall Bitdefender

My problem is that I did add/remove for Eden Eternal and while it was removing that game, I noticed some files were also being removed from other programs. I stopped the A/R but those files are gone. I am assuming it also affected BitDefender Internet Security 2011. I want to remove BD but I cannot. Used Add/Remove in Control Panel and tried to remove from BD in my programs...cannot because the repair or remove cannot be ticked.

I am going to web page and see if I can run AV to see if my computer is infected but sure would like to know if I should just reinstall my OS & alll the programs that seem to be affected. So far I cannot run Word 2000, Works, Mozilla, Excel (not needed). I restored my computer back to before the Eden game was installed.

Dell E510; OS: MS WINXP SP3; 4G memory

I think I have a mess..but would like to try to remove & reinstall BitDefender Internet Security 2011 before I do a total reinstall. Do you think I should contact tech help?



  • I can only advise you on BD issues, not on any other problems with your PC.

    1. To uninstall BD: download the BD Uninstall Tool and save it to your PC. Double-click on the saved file to run the uninstaller. Follow the on-screen instructions and reboot when prompted.

    2. To re-install BD: download the BD product you are trying to install from the links in this topic and save it to your PC. Double-click on the saved file to run the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions and reboot when prompted.

    3. Right-click on the BD icon in the Windows System Tray and select Update now to download and install the latest program & virus updates.

    Let us know if that resolves your problem with BD.


  • I have the BitDefender Internet Security 2011 CD to reinstall, I am hoping that will do instead of downloading.

    I will try later today after I get my files saved. I am thinking I will have to do an install of OS because I cannot save my files to CD..can open the drives but not save....I realize you can only advise about B/D.

    When I go into the Virus portion there is nothing there except "Virus Scan module is unavailable"..just an FYI.

    Thanks for your help, will let you know if I get BD removed & reinstalled.

  • Hello betikan,

    Just out of curiosity, could you post some files that were removed and not belonging to that game? I believe this is rather a serious issue with that game's installer/uninstaller. If the problem is so serious, then you should drop a note to the game's developers.


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