Cannot Install, Error Code 2753

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Hi all,

when installing Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 on WinXP the error code 2753 is displayed. Bitdefender was previously installed on this computer without problems, but I had to re-install Windows and now cannot install Bitdefender anymore. Do you know a solution?




  • Can you please post a screen shot of the error message:


    - When the error message is on your screen press the "PrintScreen" key on your keyboard ("PrintScreen" is located at the top of the keyboard, at right; At this step we can not see anything, as the picture is copied into Windows's clipboard);

    - Open a graphic editing application (We recommend using the standard Paint program, that comes with every Windows installation from Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint);

    - Paste the picture in a new Paint document (using Edit > Paste);

    - Save the file in JPEG format

    - attach it to this topic.

    Make sure you mask the license key if that screenshot includes the Registration details.


  • Hello Robert,

    The Windows Installer error code 2753 usually means that a particular component of the installation package is missing. Are you sure that you have the correct BitDefender installer? Maybe it got corrupted while downloading it, or maybe you downloaded the wrong package.

    Where did you download the installation kit from? Did you try re-downloading the kit and trying again to install it?


  • When a folder is created and saved, containing a shortcut via a Google search for this topic,

    A false reading that your PC is currently protected by Bitdefender anti-virus software supercedes XPsp2 Home OS code requirements, and allows the surfer to believe that his/her system is currently protected from virus intrusions, when in fact, this is not so.

    Any light anyone can shed on this morose manifestation, should be shared to enlighten all XP users to the potential harm that this can potentially cause to their system.

  • Hello

    Could please rephrase you last post? I don't think is related to this topic.

    Thank you.

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