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Exclusions In Bitdefender 2013

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[How to create exclusions for files, folders and processes in Bitdefender 2013]

The steps are below and are quite simple:

1. Open the Bitdefender program > Settings > Antivirus > Exclusions

2. Add the file to the Active Virus Control exclusions: click on "Excluded processes" > add the .exe file of the software and make sure it is "Allowed" > click "Close".

3. Now add the file/folder to the "on access and on-demand" scan exclusions: click on "Excluded files and folders" > Add the file and make sure it's excluded for both "On-access and On-demand" scanning.


[only for Bitdefender Internet Security/Total Security]

Go back in the main Settings window by clicking the button from the top left corner.


4. Also add a Firewall rule for it > go to the Firewall module > Settings > click on "Application rules": Add Rule

- Browse to the application and click on "Open"

- Select both "Local Address" and "Remote Address" boxes

- At "Network type" select all the boxes

- Events > select all the boxes (Listen, Traffic, Connect)

- Protocol: Any

- Direction: Both

- IP version: Any

- Permission: Allow

Click on OK and close the Rules window.


Reboot your PC.

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