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How To See Recent Activity / Blocked Processes?


I know that BD is blocking a program I'm trying to run and maybe others it requires but I don't know which ones. The program just opens and immediately closes. I don't see anything in the BD Firewall or Activity tabs. I've confirmed that BD is hindering the program from running by disabling the antivirus.

How can I see any recent activity that is being blocked by BD?


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    Hello :)

    In order to be able to assist you please run a Deep System Scan task with Bitdefender and send us the resulting scan report.


    - Before running the scan please make sure that you have the latest virus definitions downloaded via the Update module: open Bitdefender and click the "Options" button in the upper right side of the interface; Select Expert view and go to the Update menu.

    - After the update process completes successfully you can proceed to running the scan task: go to the Antivirus menu and under the Virus scan tab.

    Right click on Deep system scan and select Scan now.

    - When the scan ends, click the "View Log" button at the bottom right of the scan window; A browser window will open displaying the scan report; Save this file on a location of your choice and attach it in your next reply.

    NOTE! If you already ran a scan task you can send us your latest report instead.


    - Open Bitdefender and click the "View Logs" link on the lower right; Click the "Antivirus" tab on the left;

    - In the "On-demand tasks" list (the one on the bottom) look for the latest (closest to the top) entry that reads "Deep System Scan" under the "Task Name" column and "Scan Finished" under the "Action name"; Double-click this entry and click the "View Scan Log" button at the bottom of the window that just popped up; A browser window will open displaying the scan report; Save this file on a location of your choice and then send it to us attached to your email.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you!

    Take care.