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Is There A Way To See What Files Av Plus Is Scanning?



Often-times I see the blue bar on the right-hand panel of the security widget (anywhere from 10-70% full), which I believe indicates that a file(s) is being scanned. Is there a way of finding out which file(s) is being scanned?

Thanks in advance for any help.




  • columbo
    edited August 2012

    Hi Tonia :)

    I don't believe there is any option within Bitdefender itself in finding it from say the Console, as a, click Events/Anti Virus/Virus Scan/"last scanned file" compared to on demand and Auto Scans that show those log files.

    Maybe someone else her could tell us where to look, as far as in maybe Program Files to find it., but I don't see an easy click and tick way.

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    The product is scanning in real time all the resources that are loaded in the memory.

    If we activate the logging process for the On Access module, the log will have several GB in 2 minutes :D

    We only activate this when needed in order to reproduce reported situations.

    Thank you for understanding.