Bitdefender Saying Every File In An After Effects Plugin Is Infected And Can't Be Cleaned...

I have a plugin that I use with After Effects CS6 (Optical Flares, made by Video CoPilot). I have been using this plugin for the past year without incident. But I recently upgraded Bitdefender from 2012 to 2013, and when I did, Bitdefender basically told me that every file (inlcuding a long list of .png files) is infected and can't be cleaned. This happened right after I upgraded to Bitdefender 2013, on the same day.

I guess I have a hard time believing that all these files (every file in the plugin, including .png's) are infected, although I am def not an expert on such things. Any suggestions? Thanx.


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    Hi dakotajoe :)

    That does sound a little strange, considering both years, 2012, 2013 use the same scanning engines and signatures (below image is outdated, but used for reference). Try the workaround shown in this thread, and see if that helps:

    Confirm that you have the latest build#


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  • Hi dakotajoe,

    Do you need further assistance?

  • If the snapshot or log of the detection is shared, it will be very helpful. There are chances that the files are detected by Heuristics. And the Heuristics mechanism may be improved in 2013 version, so they are detected by 2013 version and not by 2012.