Device Not Showing In Mybitdefender


Hey everyone,

I logged into mybitdefender after removing the trial and installing the full version of Bitdefender Total Security.

I noticed 3 pc's that had expired licenses and i deleted those.

However my new license and product do not show in my dashboard.

My license is activated and showing in mybitdefender, however my pc doesn't show.

I'm logged into mybitdefender inside the program on my pc and have the full 365 days left.

How do I add a device to the dashboard?



  • I have a semilar issue. After using bitdefender for a while i wasa trying to get rid of the names for my device and wanted to use some more recognizeabe ones.

    so i thought i could just delete the devices and put it up again with new names. :unsure:

    That didnt work and now i'm without any of my devices, even my home pc with Windows 8 and my Laptop are gone. :wacko:

    Is there any way to readd them to mybitdefender? my license is still valid for 318 days...

    Please help because i currently cannot activate any Jobs in my bitdefender, like Facebook and twitter.... and antitheft for my Laptop...

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    Hello and welcome to our forum!

    You can link again a device to MyBitdefender as follows:

    - bring up the Bitdefender interface

    - click the MyBitdefender button (located in the upper right corner of the Bitdefender program installed on your PC)

    - from the drop-down menu select the option "Account settings"

    - click on "Login with another account"

    - enter your e-mail address and the password previously chosen for MyBitdefender and click on "Login to MyBitdefender"

    - restart the PC

    - wait a few hours then check if the device appears in the online platform MyBitdefender.

    Please post back if you need further assistance.

    Thank you!

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    well. it works.. somehow. but as i had to recover my laptop once and reinstalled it completely it now shows "testversion". i will check tomorrow and see if it changes like in several hours a you said. Sadly it seems that i cannot change the device names any more. Will that be a future feature? ...

    And when i start a complete scan of my PC over mybitfender none of the installed desktop gadgets are showing a cycling symbol... either on m home desktop or on my laptop...

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    Hello, you can not modify the device name, as it's your computer name. Only changing its name from Windows takes effect on the device name reflected in MyBitdefender.

    Please tell me if you have other questions.