Parental Control Categories


I have a 11 year old boy i want to block from various sites like a.dult, gambling etc etc.

But he is heavily into minecraft and i don't want to take that away from him.

Currently i have added:

Hate (Have no clue what this blocks)


Online Dating

###### (xxx, don't know why this was blocked but ok)

matur.e Content


Violent Cartoons




Still parental control blocks sites like etc etc.

I can't find out what category is blocking this, and its getting annoying.

I've been looking and searching various sites and i can't find any information about the categories, i see a vague description on a pdf file.

But thats about it.

Is it possible to get more information on what various categories block?

Also a request on a deeper control on the categories if thats possible?


Roger Jakobsen

Edit: I know i can add maually, but thats not what i want


  • Also i found that when parental control blocks it doesn't tell you what category it is in. Bug?


  • Hello Roger :)

    Are you using Bitdefender Parental Control Standalone or the one from Bitdefender Internet / Total Security?

    Thank you!

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