[solved] How To Disable Bd Pop-up Advertisements?



  • pjw
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    I came here today because of this same pop-up ad.

    I've been very happy with the product and the level of support until now, but this is completely unacceptable.

    Pop-up ads in a free product or trial version are to be expected, but this is a product for which I have paid money, and which is explicitly designed to STOP this sort of intrusive behavior, not enable it.

    After doing some research on these forums, I am completely astounded that this has been a thing for at least a year (if not longer), and that BitDefender seems uninterested in doing anything to solve it, other than manual workarounds involving phone calls to customer support and vague reassurances.

    This was posted on March 22, 2013(!):

    The "OFFICIAL" response:

    There is no way to turn off the pop-ups.

    The only method of stopping the pop-ups is to contact "Custom Service" about Bitdefender 2013 http://www.bitdefender.com/support/consumer-phone.html and ask them to place the E-mail address associated with your account onto their list.

    Withing 48 hours, according to Bitdefender, you will no longer receive the pop-ups.

    And this was posted by a BitDefender developer (I assume?) at around the same time:

    Hello all,

    We are working on a different and very effective way which will allow customers to remove their email addresses from the IPM list.

    We don't have an ETA yet, but rest assured your feedback has been heard and forwarded to our developers so that they could make use of it.

    Please, accept our apologies for any inconvenience you experienced.

    C'mon folks...that was over a year ago. You don't seem to be working on that "different and very effective way" very quickly?

    As a developer myself, I understand that wheels can turn slowly, but it seems like an update or solid ETA should have materialized sometime in the last year. I'm wondering how many users/subs this has cost you in that time?

    Pop-up ads are annoying, period, but pop-up ads in an otherwise top notch antivirus app are like something out of a comedy routine; it's ridiculous and laughable. Or at least I'd be laughing if I hadn't paid money.

    I've been very happy with BitDefender, and recommended it to a number of people, so it would make me sad to start looking around for an alternative at this point, but I won't put up with pop-up ads.

  • So, a different (and more recent) thread complaining about the IPM pop-ups was recently closed:

    Hello, there is already another topic about this request:


    For now, the only way to stop the IPM's is to enter Game Mode, as all pop-ups and notifications are disabled when Bitdefender is running in Game Mode.

    This is apparently the "official" pop-up thread, since you closed the other one. If you're going to close a more recent thread, then it's generally a good idea to post the latest information in the proper (open) thread, instead of posting it in a closed thread which will sink off the forums.

    If the only way to turn off this pop-up advertising is to enter game mode, than why have you been repeatedly asking for emails and registration keys, and assuring people in various older threads that there are other solutions?

    Did BitDefender policy change? Are the various people who manually submitted emails and keys out of luck now, or was that ever a working solution?

    What does "for now" mean? Is BitDefender implementing other solutions? Are other solutions being discussed?

    Being forced to turn on Game Mode to stop an antivirus application from spamming you with pop-up ads is pretty ridiculous. It would be funny if it wasn't costing you folks a lot of good will and loyal customers.

  • bobchmara
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    I've been using BD for over a year now on multiple machines. For the first time today, I received an advertising pop-up. The machine on which it appeared had a clean install in Nov of last year including BD Internet Security 2013. The subscription under which this was installed was purchased about 15 months ago.

    I find it difficult to believe that BD management would find it appropriate to include pop-up advertising in a product for which I've paid a subscription fee. I'm on hold with BD support as I write this.


    I just hung up with support, I was told that within 48 hours, whatever needs to be done to disable the ads on my account will be completed.


  • These ads are simply unacceptable. If there hasn't been any news from BitDefender if they'll be removed, then I will not be renewing. The work-around, which involves keeping BD in Game Mode, isn't good enough. My BD license expires in 17 days.

    I thought BitDefender was serious software, but I guess I was wrong. It seems that BD owners have their fingers in their ears, but I'll just say it again... My desktop is not your targeted advertising playground. Do you think that just because these ads target BitDefender products and are infrequent makes them acceptable? I guess you're wrong, too.

    Let me put it another way: Your software is ADWARE. It's even worse than that, because it's adware that we actually paid you to put on our computers. Just let that sink in, and then figure out how that is supposed to have a positive impact your company's integrity.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Thank you all for your feedback.

    With Bitdefender 2015 you can disable these notifications: click the user button from the upper right corner of the product -> select General Settings -> switch to OFF "Display special offers and product notifications".

    The upgrade is absolutely free. Simply uninstall the current Bitdefender version and then download the latest kit for Bitdefender 2015 from our official website: http://www.bitdefender.com/Downloads/ Enter the same key to register.

    Please, accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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