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Thank you for your understanding. And Blocked


Hi There, and are blocked but "Search Engines" is not checked in "Categories". The Web Activity report shows "-" for category.

I've just upgraded to the latest "New BitDefender" version of Total Security.

I'm running Win7Pro 64-bit.







  • Hi, there appears to be a significant delay (up to 30 mins) between applying a change to Parental Control settings from and when it comes into affect on the PC. Is this normal? Shouldn't this update on the PC immediately?

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    Hello andrewcaswell1969,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender forums.

    We couldn't reproduce the situation on our test systems.

    If the issue still occurs at this date, I need to know the following details:

    1) Did you also set up Parental Control for another Windows profile on the same PC?

    2) Is Bitdefender set up to block search engines on that one?

    3) If yes, it's important to know: did you log off first before entering the other profile or did you just switch off?

    4) How long did you wait for the changes to be applied? This is not an instant job. It takes a couple of seconds for Parental Control settings to apply.

    Looking forward to your reply.