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Device Not Showing In Parental Control


I installed bitdefender IS 2014 in same computer with two OS. One is windows 7 and the other is windows 8. Both the device are shown in dashboard. But in parental control only one device is showing which is installed in windows 8. So I am unable to attach the profile to second device which has Windows 7 installed.


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    First, create a limited (standard) Windows user account on Windows 7. Then, log in with an administrator account on Windows 7 to turn ON Parental Control on the Bitdefender interface. Click Configure. The Parental Control dashboard will open in a new web browser window and you should be able to configure the Parental Control settings. Click Add child on the left-side menu. Enter the name and age of the child in the Profile tab. You will see the devices that are currently linked to your MyBitdefender account. Select the computer and the Windows 7 account for your child. Hit Create Profile and go on configuring the settings.

    Please let me know how is everything going.

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