Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager

I've just installed a Killer Xeno Pro PCI-E card in my PC. Installing the drivers also installs Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager. Are there any known issues or conflicts between this and The New Bitdefender Internet Security on W8 Pro 64-bit I need to change settings for in either package?


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    There are no known compatibility issues with Bigfoot Networks Killer Network Manager. Please let me know if everything went smoothly after installing this application.

  • Hi, thanks for checking on progress. Yes it seems to work fine. I was initially concerned because in the user manual it referred to a Firewall. However, I found no sign of it and have since had confirmation by email from Bigfoot that the firewall function is not supported in Windows 8 and has therefore been removed from the software and driver package.

  • Thanks Mike, I will if it starts behaving oddly ;)

  • Thank you for sharing the results with us antikythera. Glad to notice everything runs fine. :)

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