Parental Control Not Working For Past Few Monts

My Parental control has not been working for the last 4-6 months. No matter what I tried it wont work. When it was first installed it worked fine for about 4 months and thereafter once, yesterday, for the one user, but today it shows no reports on the again even though I now that computer was accessed for browsing yesterday. The other user is still not showing any activity. I am not new to BD and has been running the antivirus for the past 4 years. I logged a support query, but apart from receiving a support number there has been no attemps at helping me since then (4? months ago). We use the control to monitor our office workers and I have just let the problem slide till now, but I noticed activity on social sites in office time and it is time to get this problem sorted out.

Where is BD's support team which used to be so quick to help in previous years?

Is anyone else experiencing problems with Parental control?


  • Is anyone else experiencing problems with Parental control?

    I am having the same problem for about 1 week. Running Win7 32-bit, Firefox 10.x. Tried re-installing bitdefender but still no activity being reported. Logging still works for my WinXP box though.

  • I am having a similar problem with Total Security 2014. I installed it on our home win7 64-bit PC and it works fine, but when installed on one of my sons laptops it doesn't. I setup his profile, but nothing is being recorded. That is also a win7 64-bit machine. I haven't tried using it to control the content yet, but guess as it will not record anything, then it wont control it either. Seem the two just aren't talking to each other. <img class=" />

  • Hello all,

    We would recommend following carefully all the steps from this knowledge-base article to properly configure the Parental Control filter:

    Thank you, let us know if you need further help.

  • If you have problems, why don't you use another application? like K9, PCWebControl or Kaspersky?

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    Similar problem on my side with Total Security 2017. It was installed on our general PC at home and it worked with no clear error, but when installed on one of my brother's laptops, it failed to work perfectly...

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    If you are having issues with the product please send us a detailed description of the situation at [email protected] . Thank you!

  • Thank you for the thread it was useful for me!!!

  • Thank you for sharing specific article link,many time i have faced the , same problem.

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