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Allow A Site That Is Being Blocked


I just installed the NEW Bitdefender on my 7 year old granddaughter' s computer. I let everything at the DEFAULT settings, and it is blocking almost everthing, which is good. I have been trying to CONFIGURE Parental Controls to ALLOW a site that is currently being blocked. No luck. I found another thread concerning this problem and there was talk about a WHITELIST or something. I followed the instruction, but I can not allow a Blocked site to become ALLOWED. I do NOT see that option. Need help please. Mike


  • columbo
    edited October 2013

    Hi Mike :)

    Was this the info you tried that will show "allowed", when applied? (be sure to re-load your browser, and it make take a bit of time to register on BD servers)

  • Columbo, thanks for the reply. I have since found out that my grand daughter's Mom does not want that site allowed, so I can not try it now. I just know I had a hard time tying to get that site ALLOWED, after it was blocked. I have printed out the instructions for next time. Thanks, Mike