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Bd Does Not Detect "opencandy" Spyware

edited October 2013 in Antivirus

Today I downloaded driversweeper_3.2.0.exe

Desktop Bitdefender returned it as safe. :unsure:

In driversweeper_3.2.0.exe ...

• VirusTotal ... found ... Win32/OpenCandy , Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud) , Trojan.Win32.A.Clicker.5429372 :ph34r:<img class=" />

• Metascan, Virusscan.Jotti and VirScan ... all detected Win32/OpenCandy only

. . ** AV Eset found "Win32/OpenCandy" in all cases

• Bitdefender is one of the 48 testers on VirusTotal, but failed to detect anything! :(

OpenCandy is spyware and is not easily uninstalled.

BD did not detect Win32.Troj.Generic.a.(kcloud) -or- Trojan.Win32.A.Clicker.5429372 ... either

driversweeper_3.2.0.exe does not offer OpenCandy option-out during install wizard. I tried it.

VirusTotal result:



  • 2 years later: Bitdefender IS 2016 obviously still doesn't detect OpenCandy which MalwareBytes found at once ...

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