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Parental Control Blocking Everything?


Got the Bitdefender total security 2014 installed on my laptop and turned on the parental control for my kid. Created a profile for her age and as soon as I set it up, I couldn't go to any website. All websites such as, all blocked with a message saying your parents have blocked it. If I turn the parental control off, everything works fine.

Called BitDefender tech support and they couldn't solve the issue either. Every website I tried is in the blacklist of BD parental control. If I click on one and make it to Whitelist then that website works. Even the tech support guy has no idea why this has happened.

I deleted and recreated the profile - but issue remains same.

I even uninstalled BD and reinstalled it. As soon as i create a profile, the issue comes back.

Now the issue has been escalated to BD senior tech support and they want me to run logs and send it to them - looks like its a long process.

Anyone experienced this?


  • As a mother, I am looking for a good way to protect my kid’s safety on-line. But sorry, I didn't use Bitdefender before. In the past, I create a new user account for PC and set up parental control for this account, at the same time, I need to set parental control on IE/Firefox... It's useful but too trouble. Now I used a keylogger program to do the entire job for me, which not only control but also monitor. I am very satisfied with it. Of course, educate children how to safely surf on the Internet is more important!