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The Worst Antivirus Program.

Thanks bitdefender for not respond to my requests for help through customer support, thank you for your program full of bugs have destroyed the files on my computer and forced to format my system again. Thank you for abandoning your clients and not help them.

Bitdefender antivirus has been the best in the world, but since the Americans bought it, the greed of profit ended with an excellent program and transform it one of the worst programs. Bitdefender never more for me and my friends, I find better solutions, even your free antivirus is better them the crapy bug paid that I haved . Thanks again for the bad job and goodbye forever


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  • GeorgiaGeorgia ✭✭
    edited May 2014

    Hello HAS!

    We are sorry to see you leave.

    If you decide to reconsider our products, please start a new topic and mention the ticket ID received when contacting the Bitdefender support, to speed up the investigation process.

    Thank you.

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