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Free Upgrade To New Bitdefender

edited May 2014 in Antivirus

I have just discovered Free Upgrade To The NEW Bitdefender For All Customers

This week I renewed Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 for 3 PCs

  1. Am I eligible for "NEW Bitdefender" ?
  2. How is the new version "named" (BIS 2104) ?
  3. I assume all my settings, Firewall, Exclusions, Application Rules, SafePay ... will be lost ?
  4. are there any extra financial charges for New Bitdefender

Thank you :)


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    Hiya grayghost,

    The 2014 version was released nearly a year ago so it has had plenty of time to settle down, in fact they are working on the 2015 now so it is best to update now. You will have to reset all your settings with the new version so make a note of them before uninstalling the present program.

    No cost at all for the upgrade - apart from your time to do it. :)

  • Thank you Rogugh and markwhl, :):)

    Perfect ... very much appreciated

    Before I start ... :unsure:

    Application Rules (settings) this list grows by itself plus my own additions.

    My list is about 110 items, in no particular order (I hope BIS 2014, has improved access to this list)

    The list cannot be sorted nor copied

    Is there a file or data base that I can copy and use it as a reference for the upgrade install.


    To be on the safe side, this is my process to upgrade 2013 to 2014

    1. Make a note of all current settings in 2013 (I hope I don't miss any)

      Including Firewall Settings > "Application Rules"

    2. Download BIS 2014
    3. Download BID Uninstaller (as a precaution if auto uninstaller fails)
    4. disconnect internet
    5. Run BIS 2014

      According to the utube tutorial I will be prompted to uninstall the old BIS 2013

    6. After uninstall REBOOT
    7. Install BIS 2014
    8. Reinstate preferences manually
    9. reconnect to internet
    10. Update Bitdefender

    Have I overlooked anything ?

    I have 3 machines to modify. . . :blink: . . . any other tips would be appreciated :wub: