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Hello I'm not happy with you closing the thread. You did not understand the context and failed to answer my question properly.

I do not want to convert a license as I already have a AV+ key to enter when my internet security runs out.

The answer I got from that ticket did not explain the procedure either and I responded as such and haven't heard back since. So on both counts you guys have now failed me.


  • antikythera
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    If you actually took the time to read the contents of the support ticket correspondence you would know that.

    also since I can't pm you I had to open this to post my thoughts about your reply in full public view...

  • Rampant
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    When the BDIS license expires, will a currently installed copy of Internet Security be able to automatically be able to switch to Antivirus Plus if I enter my purchased Antivirus Plus key?

    Will. You will note that the license from another version of the product and the process to downgrade to happen automatically.

  • Thanks Rampant. Does that start a download though or just convert the existing installation and keep the antivirus exclusion rules? That is what I really want to know.

  • Rampant
    Rampant ✭✭

    You can convert an installed product.

  • Thanks Rampant. You have been very helpful which is much appreciated.

  • Rampant
    Rampant ✭✭

    Happy to help. Greetings from distant Siberia!

  • antikythera
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    Please close this thread now. Issue is resolved. For clarity I am sharing the following information. It took so long to report back as I was busy moving house in between and had no internet access for 2 weeks afterwards.

    The belt and braces working procedure is as follows:

    1. Download the removal tool for the old product you are replacing and also download the latest offline installer for the new product.

    2. Run the uninstaller already on your computer for the existing product. (It crashed at 50% on my W7 x64 SP1 machine)

    3. Restart the PC and boot into windows safe mode.

    4. Run the removal tool even if the above in step 2 appeared to work okay (it takes a while as it searches for all Bitdefender products in that year's lineup).

    5. Restart the PC when it completes.

    6. Run CCleaner registry scanner and remove any leftover entries relating to Bitdefender. Should be MUI references if any at all.

    7. Restart a final time.

    Be aware that removing the old product enables windows defender. This should be disabled again just before installing the new product. It could potentially interfere with the installation procedure and will definitely conflict after the program you installed is working.

    8. Now it is safe to install the new version.

    I also found that despite carrying out the above the settings protection password I set for the previous installation was kept. So was the email for mybitdefender (the login password was not).

    Thank you for your input Rampant. I did try what you suggested but it is not possible unfortunately. Bitdefender Technical Support eventually supplied me with the correct information and a gesture of goodwill for which I am grateful to them for.