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Upgrading To The Latest Version Of Antivirus?


I currently have Bitdefender 2013 Antivirus on my PC, I realise there is a later version available, apart from probably some new features is it really necessary to update annually as a new version is released? My 2013 version works fine and if the security is the same for 2013 and the latest version I can't see the point of going through the process of uninstalling the version I have and setting up the latest version.

Is there anything much to be gained by taking up the offer of the free upgrade, as I said I am comfortable with the 2013 version and it seems to work fine, appreciate your thoughts.


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    Hiya Drewie,

    If it is working and you are happy with it, leave it alone for now. There will be BD 2015 version released when it comes out of beta and as there is always a free upgrade offered you may as well hang on and jump straight to that. :)


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