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Major Issue With Laptop, Possible Virus? Can Anyone Help Me?


Hi, I am hoping someone can please help me? last night my laptop was fine, this morning as I turned it on, the finger print login icon was missing from the login screen, so had to login with my password.

After I logged in, I was instantly welcomed with a load of errors, they are:

igfxtray module has stopped working

windows media player network sharing service config app has stopped working

igfxhk has stopped

igfxem has stopped

so I closed all them. I have since realised that anytime I try to open control panel I get an error saying - this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

so it doesn't seem to be allowing me into the control panel.

when I click ok I then get an error saying windows explorer has stopped working, then I have to restart it.

I instantly thought, I will do a virus scan wth my bitdefender total security, when I load it up it says there are critical issues to fix, when I try to fix them, it says my on access scanning is disabled, when I try to enable or fix this, it says failed and stays disabled, it also wont let me do a general virus scan in the application (great security ey) lol

firefox will not open at all which is what I use 99% of the time, every time I try and load it, nothing at all happens, although I can use internet explorer, which is how I am writing this now, from here I have downloaded and installed malware bytes and Kaspersky virus scanner. malware bytes says there are no issues on my laptop, but Kaspersky says there are issues but when I click fix, nothing at all happens.

another issue is when I open windows update, it shows with a red cross as if its disabled, when I try and search for updates, it just says windows cannot search for updates.

I am using widows 7.

Can anyone help me please, I really have no idea how this has happened, I have tried everything I can think of, but cannot do much more without help.




  • james_uk

    hi well even though i did have restore turned on, after this issue my restore kept saying that its turned off, so i had nothing to restore too.

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