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Where Is Function?

edited July 2014 in General

Hi. i update from IS2014 to IS2015 and cant find paranoid mode. Help me plz!


  • alexeyalexey
    edited July 2014

    oh no!!!

    Larisa Fulga (06:27:18) : Hello Alexey!

    Larisa Fulga (06:29:17) : Bitdefender 2015 does not have Paranoid mode anymore.

    Alexey (06:29:45) : oh! it's very bad!

    Alexey (06:30:34) : Will are you add in future?

    Larisa Fulga (06:31:21) : I cannot tell you for sure, but I will make a request in your name and I will inform my colleagues that you prefer the Paranoid Mode.

    Alexey (06:32:49) : I sure hope so

    Alexey (06:33:24) : Now I have to return back IS2014

    Alexey (06:33:27) : :((((

    Larisa Fulga (06:34:10) : You can set the Bitdefender features on Aggressive.

    Alexey (06:36:30) : "I should fully manage connections"

    Larisa Fulga (06:37:45) : Paranoid mode is the same thing as setting everything on aggressive.

    Larisa Fulga (06:38:56) : But this means that you will get lots of false positives. That's why it is not really necessary to set the Paranoid Mode or to set all the Bitdefender features on aggressive.

    Larisa Fulga (06:40:57) : The default Bitdefender settings are perfect for a protected PC.

    Alexey (06:41:20) : no, example for taskmanager.exe, rundll32.exe, conhost.exe and other, aggressive setting allow connection, but if was paranoid mode i deny this

    Larisa Fulga (06:41:59) : Ok, I will inform my colleagues about this.

    Larisa Fulga (06:42:16) : And you will receive a response by e-mail in the shortest time possible.

    Alexey (06:44:12) : thx! plz do it, i think eazy return this very useful function.

    Larisa Fulga (06:44:21) : I understand, Alexey.

    Will hope, will w8! now i downgrade to is2014 :(

    As the answer comes. I write it here

  • jitzy
    jitzy ✭✭

    yess they took out tht feauture along with network activity and network traffic monitor

    check here--->