So Far I Am Experiencing These 3 Imp Errors And Bugs And Eagerly Waiting For The Reply From You Peop

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I always wanted a suit and after deep researching and surveys and review shortlisted for 2 trials. Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Both offering alsmot same features.

But I saw the Bitdefender Total security 2015 features and liked it the most and went for the trail. If it clicks I would go for the full upgrade (even I feel and hope so).

But after 2 days of trail (currently running) I have come across some serious issue which I am highlighting below along with its importance:

1. No Opera browser allowing:

Remarks: Deal breaker as Opera is my default browser and my no 1 used browser (ahead of firefox and chrome)

Details: How come opera browser and its websites comes under spyware /antiphising?. After installling Bitdefender I can't open any page in opera browser at all. It is blocking completely. Although at that very moment I can open chrome or firefox.

This is a huge priority point and a deal breaker.

2. Automatically unchecking the 2 boxes under "Tools>Profiles":

Remarks: Not a good thing and security is not happening in a optimum way.

Details: I can see almost everytime either both or anyone of the box are getting unchecked automatically. These are "Let autopilot manage my profiles"

and "Real time optimization".

3. Not opening "Tools>Tuneup" tabs after one instance (and need to restart the pc to have a go once again):

Remarks: Annoying and time consuming

Details: 5 out of 7 tabs under Tools>Tuneup are creating annoying bugs. These are "one click optimiser", "Pc clean up", "Disk defragmenter", "Registry cleaner" and "Registry recovery". These above 5 sub categories are opening at all after 1 instances

for that to open I had to restart my pc. No matter how many times I click these 5 categories are no way coming out as a separate window after their first instances.

Strangely "startup optimiser" and "duplicate finder" are not having this strange annoying problem and can be opened as many times.

Furthermore I can not send the ticket as it is asking for license key but I am on a trial so did not get any license key. So this is the only platform I got to expose my issues before I go for any other alternative.

So far I am experiencing these 3 imp errors and bugs and eagerly waiting for the reply from you people.