Espn Fantasycast & Cbs Live Scoring Not Working


This topic is marked for the 2014 product as [escalated to developers].

I put 2015 on my laptop and the problem still exists.

I still have the work around on my Desktop PC still at BD 2014.

If I move to BD 2015 on my Desktop PC:

After I install BD 2015, to use the work around fix - do I do the following?

1. Restart PC in Safe Mode.

2. Browse to: C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender folder

3. Locate the file "bdtl.dll" and rename it to "bdtl.dl_"

4. Edit update_components.xml changing

<Product enabled="1" with <Product enabled="0"

8. Restart the computer in Normal mode;


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    Hello Marelli,

    Thank you for your questions.

    I would advise upgrading first to Bitdefender 2015 and check if ESPN works properly with the new version.

    Apply the workaround only if the situation persists. Yes, those are the correct steps to rename bdtl.

    Let me know how is everything going. Thank you!