Parental Control Causes File Download And Page Errors

Just wanted to put this out there in case someone else is experiencing the same problem.

I installed Bitdefender Total Security ( in March 2014. In the past month or so I have had issues when clicking on links or typing an url directly into the address bar of my browser. Instead of displaying the page the browser will try and download the page (usual case), display the raw text from the page, or will display the page but malformed (as in everything is displayed in one vertical column). This behavior is sporadic in that using the same link or url address will work sometimes while it fails to at other times. This is not website dependent nor is it browser dependent (IE Explorer, Firefox and Chrome all exhibit this behavior).

I tried googling this issue and while there are thousands of post with similar issues, none of the suggested fixes worked. Finally discovered the problem when I turned off Bitdefender's Parental Controls. All browsers work without any issues when this module is turned off but return the moment I turn it back on.

I hope this will help anyone who may be experiencing this issue and maybe you guys at Bitdefender will check into it. No need to reply since I do not not need the parental controls active in the first place but if you need more info to help fix the problem, please feel free to contact me.

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