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Info To Bitdefender

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I raised a ticket to support with below tekst, this was really as you can read in the text more info to BD than a question.

But when I got a reply the answer were, well you´ll be the judge.

Answer from BD also attached.


BitDefender Total Security show under Antivirus Events - Vulnerability, that an update for Java is required (see screenshot) from v.7 to v.8

Oracel has not yet released this on,

it is yet only released on oracel for developers -

I think that for your average user this might be confusing.

If the go to

it will tell you that the recommended version is installed (V.7 update 67)

But Bitdefender tell you that you need v.8

This is only for information to you.

No further action needed, you can close the ticket.

Have a great day



Dear Ernst-Emil,

Thank you for your interest in Bitdefender security solution.

We recommend you to follow the steps below in order to upgrade to the new Bitdefender 2015:

1. To make sure that there won't be any other glitches with the new installation you will first need to remove the current version using this uninstall tool. Access the link below and when the window with the Bitdefender file appears, please choose the "Save to disk" option.

Save the tool on the PC, right click on it and choose "Run as Administrator", click on the Uninstall button and restart the computer when the process is complete.

2. Please cancel any download in progress and any radio/video streaming before starting to download this installation kit. We are also recommending you to download the installation kit directly from your internet browser, without using an Internet Download Accelerator/Manager Software.

3. Then, download and run the latest installation kit corresponding to your Bitdefender product:

Total Security:

At the end of the installation process, please enter your valid license key: removed

More information on how to register Bitdefender is available in this article:

Ernst-Emil, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

No need to be personal :D

Bitdefender Support Team

I hope that standard answers like this is not what to expect from DB Support.

Have a great day