Bitdefender Prevents Video Streaming


I have had Bitdefender 2015 for a little over a week. Everything appears to be working fine with the exception that it appears to prevent ANY and all videos from playing be it on You Tube, Facebook, etc. It looks like this was a discussion topic in 2012 version, but I could not find it being discussed here. Based on the responses I have been reading here, support and admins are pretty slow to respond. If I can't get this figured out, I am going to uninstall Bitdefender, request a refund, and find a product that works with most normal systems without restricting daily activities.


  • darge

    It's probably Parental Control. Can you try to disable that module first and see if it makes a difference? 1.gif

  • omarhabayeb
    edited August 2014

    Thanks for response. It wasn't parental control. Filed a support ticket. Support contacted me and told me to download support software. Attempted to download and install support software multiple times and kept getting error messages. Uninsstalled Bitdefender....Video Streaming now works again! Requested refund.

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    I have checked our email system and could only locate your ticket ID 2014082111440002. The error you mention there is: "Some installation files are corrupt. Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation.". This usually appears if during the download process a network error occurs, thus interrupting the download.

    Considering that you have already switched to another security solution, I have submitted your request to our Commercial Support team. They will handle your request in maximum 48 hours.

    Thank you for your patience!

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