Bdis 2015 System Tray Icon Not Responding


G'day Folks,

I installed BDIS 2015 on a Vista Home Premium 32 bit system.

- Installed with purchased key !

All seemed to go OK except that the White B on red background system tray Icon is not responding, i.e. it does not respond to the right mouse click and pointing to it brings up the message "Bitdefender services are loading now, please wait." this is still the case after 5+ hours which is please wait long enough and we are still waiting :rolleyes:

I have tried un-install and re-install, repair, all still with the same problem.

The default desktop shortcut "Bitdefender Internet Security 2015" that is installed does respond and loads the BDIS 2015 interface screen which functions correctly.

Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated.


pcbugfixer :ph34r:


  • ... "Bitdefender services are loading now, please wait." ...

    Check the help for Bitdefender services are not responding.

  • pcbugfixer

    Thanks "graciliano",

    Appreciate that you tried to help, unfortunately it went nowhere. :P


    pcbugfixer :ph34r:

  • Rohugh

    Hello pcbugfixer,

    Is there any possibility that you have another security system installed on your computer (not only an antivirus but also anti-spyware or anti-malware), if so that may be causing your problems, certainly BD should load under normal circumstances in a very short time. If you do have those installed please either disable or remove them.

    If that is not the case then I suggest you contact Bitdefender Support and let them sort the problem for you -