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Web Filtering Schedule And Categories


I have a complex situation I am setting up for my 16 year old son. He is homeschooled, so I require that he get his work done before he starts being distracted by his video and gaming websites. But much of his schoolwork does require the Internet, so unlike most other parental control software programs, I can't just block ALL Internet access during his school time. I LOVE that I can setup a schedule for certain websites so that he can only access them outside his normal schoolwork hours. This is a hard feature to find in many parental control programs.

So, I have setup a bunch of his non-school websites (using the web filter log as a guide to know which ones to setup ) with a schedule of access anytime except between 10AM and 6PM Mon-Fri. But what if he is motivated one day and finishes his work early - like maybe 3PM. (This is the whole point of blocking him - so that he will finish earlier than dinnertime! ;) ) I would like to remove the time restriction on those websites TEMPORARILY so that he can play at 3PM that day. From what I have found, I think all I can do is turn off Web Filtering completely, but then he won't have the standard filtering of a.dult websites that I would like to filter. Is this the case? Can you help me find a better way, using your software, to enable this scenario?

When I first started setting this up, I still had Microsoft's Family Safety turned on, too, even though I know running 2 parental control software programs at the same time is not advised. But with both, if the BitDefender Web Filter (with scheduling) was turned off, Family Safety was still filtering for inappropriate websites. But with both on, I can tell there are conflicts. When a blocked site is requested, the browser just spins and spins trying to get there and eventually will sometimes put up the BitDefender Blocked symbol, but other times, just say the site can't be reached.

Does this all make sense? Do you have any ideas as to the best way to approach this setup?

Thank you,