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"active Virus Control" Is Disabled

edited September 2014 in Antivirus

In BIS-2013 "Active Virus Control" is OFF

I cannot turn it ON, the On/Off control is disabled

I do have a a Custom "On-Access scanning"

What alerted me to this situation is while looking for "Create a Restore Point" in Win7 Control Panel ...

Control Panel> Action Center

Virus protection (Important) (panel)

... there is a message

"Bitdefender Antivirus reports that it is turned off"

- the action control [Turn on now] implies my AV is off/disabled

Do I have a problem ?

In the same panel is a link "Turn off messages about virus protection"

- what does this do ?

- I am not brave enough to click the link,

- past experience with MS Security was a total shambles requiring a clean install of Win7 to stop Windows nag messages every time my laptop was booted (cold-boot, re-boot)

I would appreciate any help :)


Bitdefender Internet Security 2013

- updated today

- I believe I am entitled to upgrade anyway ? I must do it!

Win7 Home Premium 32-bit


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