Where To Report Bitdefender Marketing Hoax ?

I think I have received a hoax email pretending to be Bitdefender, trying to sell me Bitdefender Total Security 2015 with a 50% discount.

Sender:= bitdefender@connect.bitdefender.com

If it is a hoax where should I report it to ?

The reason I think it is a hoax is that I was almost stung this week by a Paypal hoax ... and I am being very cautious.

(Paypal asked me to email the hoax email to them (Paypal).

The "Sender" address looks very fishy to me

Thank you


  • Send the details to Bitdefender support, it will get passed to the appropriate department if it isn't genuine. :)

    Email: http://www.bitdefender.com/support/contact-us.html

  • Thanks 'Rohugh' for your reply :)

    Unfortunately http://www.bitdefender.com/support/contact-us.htm is the consumer help page which is a perpetual loop of FAQs. If the sender address is a hoax, it is neither a false/positive nor a false/false ... and FAQs do not cover fraudulent scams trying to sell Bitdefender.

    The only email portal I could find is Bitdfender's "Press" address.

    I know there are Bitdefender employees (techs) floating around on this forum but obviously they don't spend much time here !

    This is the alert that shows when the email is opened for reading.


    All very good for extremely experienced users of Bitdefender -- but hardly informative for first time experiences like mine.

    Since receiving the email my Bitdefender has gone pair shaped with some crucial features turned off (which might be a coincidence)

    I know what not to do but I find it exasperating that I cannot advise Bitdefender Corp of this potential problem.

    Especially for non Bitdefender recipients who would not see the (I suspect Bitdefender generated) alert. :ph34r:

    - and associate the bad experience with Bitdefender Corp

    All not a good look for Bitdefender's public reputation.

    Their product is excellent I cannot fault it. But customer relations could do with a gee-up.

    Interestingly I received a Paypal hoax last week. (First hoax in 19 years of Windows).

    Reporting the scam was dead easy. And since then I have received 2 thank-you emails plus regular emails every day checking on my "accounts" well being.

    ... but then Bitdefender could become irrelevant as I am about to switch one of my 8 PCs over to Linux ... :huh:

  • This fiasco is getting more interesting ! :wacko:

    I used the Bitdefender Contact Us > Press link to send an email to anyone who is listening at Bitdefender.

    I have now received ...


    ... so far 4 failure notices from my ISP each with two attempted delivery-to addresses

    ie, eight (8) different recipients (at) bitdefender.co.uk

    - I won't list them all here in case of trolls (I will keep all failure notices if this "case" is EVER acknowledged.

    But right now ... I have had enough ... I quit !