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Not Detecting Tcp/ip Port


I recently upgraded to BD Total security 2015 and run this on Win 7 / 64 bit.

The pc is networked and accesses a printer via tcp/ip as do some other pc in the house. Earlier today there was a problem with the network card and the printer would not work on any of the attached pc. We cleaned the card and after deleting the original printers set up in Devices and printers were able to add back the printer. This was done via Add Local Printer/ create new port / standard TCP/IP Port 192.1..... and running the windows query. Worked fine on each pc hooked up to the network except the station running Bitdefender.

I can only assume that BD is somehow preventing the ip/port query from completing as the printer cannot be found. I tried to disable the firewall and the AV but still no luck.

Any ideas or suggestions? If this is a firewall issue, are there any logs I can review - I did not notice any popups.


  • Ok, after further testing and checking we noted that it was an IP conflict unrelated to Bitdefender or the firewall. For reasons unknown the ip address of this pc had changed and now had the same ip address as the printer. Once we refixed the ip address, the rest went fine.

  • Glad to see this working already for you. I think what happened here is that the PC had DHCP set then the printer had static IP on it. The static IP shouldn't be included on the pool of DHCP lease. 1.gif

  • ElizabethJackson
    edited November 2014

    Great utility for searching IP ranges for devices.It has been a very useful program to me and I always keep it around. It's quick and easy to use.

    It Works fine on all System in the network.