Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Firewall Generic Mode?

I want to know that what are the following bitdefender total security firewall features do.

Stealth mode

Generic (On and Off)

I use Bittorrent Sync client to sync my Android device music, photos with my laptop and desktop PC's. In adapter settings I use "Network type as "Home/Office", "Stealth mode" as "Remote" and "Generic mode Off.

Looks like after installed bitdefender it prevent bittorrent sync connecting peers (WLAN computers). Are there any relationship between these features and local peers discovering?


  • Here you go. 1.gif

    Stealth Mode off: Stealth Mode is off. Anyone from the local

    network or the Internet can ping and detect your


    Not sure with Generic though.

  • Stealth Mode Off - Anyone from the local network or Internet can ping or detect your network.

    Stealth Mode Remote - Your computer cannot be detected from the Internet. Local network users can ping and detect your computer.

    Generic - If the IP address of the network adapter is changed, BD modifies the network type accordingly. (If you want to keep the same type, select Yes from the dropdown.