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Bit Defender 2015 Total Security Price


Hey all. I'm a bit staggered to be honest. I just decided to look at Bit Defender 2015 Total security - but the price to upgrade from 2014 is £39.99!! :wacko: this is way to high if you ask me for a current customer. you can buy disks and licenses for £5.99 on ebay. I could start again under another email address. However I don't wish to do that. I am fairly loyal when it comes to things like this and I was expecting it to be around £15 to 20 maximum. I have around 55 days left of my 2014 so I have time to shop around.

any idea's?


  • Rohugh
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    There are always offers around, I have 40 days left on my present subscription but a couple of months ago I had an offer from BD of 29.95€ (around 24 GBP) which I grabbed and so have another years license when this one expires. Plus there are the free 6 month trials, you get the TS full version and gives you time to look around further.


  • cheers I might hang on FOR A BIT THEN

  • Quick one please. Is the a subscription that we can sign up to get the latest offers? Or maybe RSS? 1.gif

  • Disk and license from eBay for £5 is only going to end badly. Avoid deals like that. They indefinitely are cloned numerous times over, pirated or codes for another region that won't work in your locale. Okay so £39.99 is too expensive. Shop around sensibly and you may find a new legit copy from the likes of Amazon (not marketplace) for less.

  • Rohugh

    I keep an eye on Malware as they always list the latest offers.

  • Also no need to start again with new email address. As and when you get the new license it can be associated with your existing user account.

  • Free Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 - if you hurry...

  • bluetooth
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    Free Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 - if you hurry...

    ###### it has expired :(

    £39.96 for a renewal is a slap in the face from Bitdefender if you ask me, I have been fairly loyal for the past 6 years and i think things like this should work like a no claims discount, like for each year your with bitdefender you should amass certain percentage off. 1 year / 10% 2 year /20% 3 year /30% up to say 6 years 60%...miss a year and you drop back down to new customer status.

    having people keep the same accounts would surely be beneficial as well i would have thought.